What To Wear:  Clothes.  Please wear clothes. Jeans, skirts, slacks, untucked shirt, 3-piece suit with oxfords, flip flops, cuff links, neckties, bright colors, monochromatic, it all works.  What we do ask is that you respect yourself and the House of God.  You are coming to worship the Almighty, or at the very least learn more about Him, so you begin to understand why we worship Him. 

When To Arrive:  Attempt to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of service, this way we can assist you in finding a seat or getting your children to their classes.  However, if you are late, please still come, you will not disturb our worship. We want you to join us. 

How Long:  The teaching service begins at 10 and lasts for 1 hour.  Students from college level and down are in their separate classes.  There is then a smooth transition to a more demonstrative worship and a gathering of all church members into the main auditorium for collective worship. 

What To Do:  Sing, clap or raise your hands.  Or if you are new, just watch and enjoy the service, listen to the music and the preaching/teaching. That way, next time you come you'll be ready to participate. We do pray out loud, but you are not required to.  We want you to enjoy your time with us, so be yourself and have fun being here.

Afterwards:  There are multiple Sundays throughout the year where dinners and other events occur immediately following service.  Whether you are a first time guest or regular member, we want you to participate as much as possible. The church is stronger when the members are together.