An Apostolic Church Interested In Your Story

Founded in 1938 by W.T. Poling after heeding the call of God to establish a work for the Kingdom in Morgantown, WV, Riverside Ministries is a thriving body of disciples of Christ who want to share their experience with you.

We believe that life is lived best via an overflow of the Spirit of God.  We were not created to just hold the blessings of the Lord, but to let it overflow our boundaries affecting, positively, those around us.

With over 80 years of history, this church is aiming not simply to celebrate 100 years of endurance, but we desire to introduce people to Jesus and a life that is full of joy & purpose. 

We are a church that has focus on children and student ministry through the college level. Regardless of age, all individuals are welcome at Riverside to worship freely and embrace their identity in Jesus.